United Synthetic ATF CVT-100

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United CVT-100 Fluid is blended from high-performance synthetic base Engine Oil and carefully selected additives,
including friction modifiers, detergent-dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, corrosion
inhibitors, and defoaming agents. United CVT-100 Fluid is a new multi vehicle automatic transmission well-balanced
fluid specially provided suuitable performance in a wide-range of CVT-equipped passenger vehicles which transfer
traction via steel-made traction chains or Vehicle Belts. It provides outstanding power transmission ratios and better fueleconomy
performance of CVTs as compared with the regular automatic transmissions, many car makers have been
adopting CVTs in more and more models.

Synthetic ATF CVT-100
CVT100: For CVT & CVVT Transmission
1L x 24

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