Top 10 Gifts for car lovers!

In case you're panicking because Christmas is only a few days away and you don’t have a gift for the car lover in your life, don’t worry I’ve got a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts you can get for a car lover. 

1. Rota Wheels - Best bang for your buck
Rota wheels are some of the best wheels you can get at a reasonable price. They’ve also got a huge selection of various designs, sizes, and fitments for a multitude of applications; so whether you need something for an SUV/Truck or a car, Rota x Partspro.PH has you covered. And with the addition of Rota’s Flow Forged line up, you’ll be able to get a set of flow forged wheel at a fraction of the cost compared to other manufacturers. And since Rota is locally owned, you’ll be glad to know, that not only are you getting an amazing set of wheels but your also supporting a locally owned business. You can check out all of the available Rota wheels at the Partspro.PH website.
Rota x PartsProRota x PartsProRota x PartsPro

2. PIAA OTO Style - Honk Honk
A lot of vehicles from the factory have a terrible and weak sounding horn. So, typically one of the first mods that most people do is change their stock horn for something that has a better tone and much louder. And that's where the PIAA OTO Style  horn comes in. For only P900 the PIAA OTO Style will make your car sound much much better and people on the road will be able to hear you from miles away.

Here’s a link to our YouTube Chanel, where we unbox the PIAA OTO Style horn and do a sound test as well.

3. Car Air purifier - Cause you deserve clean air.
Travel daily by car? Guess what, you’re exposed to highly polluted air especially in the Metro. In fact, the air inside your car can be more polluted than the outdoor air. It can be caused by mold, bacteria, dirt, pollen, gases, smoke, and other pollutants that can have fatal effects on your health. Partspro.PH carriers a few different brands of air purifiers, Blaupunkt AirPure, Claire, and Safe & Clean’s Clean Air.

All 3 of these air purifiers do a great job with cleaning the air within your vehicle's cabin, all 3 will fit in a cup holder and can be powered via a USB port. A lot of their functions are the same, however, Safe & Clean’s Clean Air gives you the ability to change purifying speed based on how dirty the air is inside your car. For more info, you can check out all of the available air purifiers at Partspro.PH
Air PurifierAir PurifierAir Purifier

4. CTEK - Extend the life of your battery
Don’t walk the garage and be surprised to find a dead car battery and whether you own a modern car or a classic, a battery charger is essential. The CTEK battery chargers lead the way in this field, especially because you can pretty much set it and forget it. If you’ve never used a battery charger before and you’re worried about safety, don’t be — unlike other battery chargers, CTEK is designed to not spark when you put the clamps on. It’s also surge protected, and won’t short if you accidentally touch the clamps together, which is a pretty sweet safety feature. The device is reverse polarity protected, so you won’t do any damage if you wire it up to the battery with the terminals the wrong way round. Check out the CTEK battery chargers here at Partspro.PH


5. Chemical Guys - Protect your interior
Want to protect the fabric upholstery inside the car? What about the convertible soft top for the car lovers sports car or pretty much any other fabric in the car and around the house. If so, the chemical guys HYDROTHREAD CERAMIC FABRIC PROTECTANT & STAIN REPELLENT is the gift you need to get. This awesome product will make any fabric material hydrophobic and repel stains.

Chemical GuysChemical Guys

6. Mag1 Fill & Seal tire inflator - Important to!
New Year's day 2019, we were on the way to a family members house for a re-union and out of nowhere, boom. The passenger rear tire hit a nail and blew up. With my luck, all the vulcanizing shops near us were closed. Luckily I had a Mag1 fill & seal in the truck for an emergency like this. Limped the car to a gas station, filled it up with the Mag1 fill & seal, added some air, and were good to go.

For only P774 the Mag1 Fill & Seal is a must-have. Para safe ang babe nyo.


7. DTE Pedal Box - Made by Germans. 
Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of cars with small displacement engines and typically these small engines lack that initial go when you step on the gas. Well, the answer to that problem is the DTE Pedal Box. This throttle control has 3 modes (eco, sport and sport sharp) and within those modes, you can further fine-tune the unit to give you the best throttle response for your driving habits. And the best thing about the DTE Pedal box is that it's TUV certified and 100% Made in Germany.

DTE PedalBox

8. Mio 792 dashcam - Me dashcam ba sha?
Having a dashcam here in the Philippines is an absolute must. So, if the car guy in your life doesn’t have a dashcam yet, get him/her the Mio Mivue 792. The 792 records in 1080/60fps with a Sony Starvis sensor, has a 140* angle, fantastic night time recording, GPS - alerts you when speed cameras are ahead, small and compact so it doesn’t take much too much space on your windshield and you're able to connect your cell phone via wifi to download footage immediately. Check out the Mio MiVue 792 dashcam at Partspro.PH

Mio 792 DashCam

9. Growl Headunit - Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Having Apple CarPlay & Android Auto is a MUST. And most head units on the market don’t have this feature, except for Growl Audio. Growl haunts come standard with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, it also gives you the ability to connect to Google, YouTube, NetFlix, Spotify, Waze and so much more - pretty awesome especially when you're stuck in traffic. Growl head units are available for a variety of different vehicles, contact the Partspro Customer Care Team at 09177030700 for more info.


10. AirPro Air Freshener - Smell good, feel good.
There’s nothing like getting into a car that smells amazing. And only P250, the car guy/gal in your life can have a great smelling car as well. AirPro Air Fresheners comes in a variety of scents like - Manila, London, Tokyo, Paris and so much more. Each AirPro Air freshener last 2-3 month and what I love most about AirPro is the scents aren’t super powerful that it makes you dizzy, its just right and last long. Check out all of the AirPro scents here.


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