A quick drive with the Jimny
Well, the all new Suzuki Jimny is finally here, I mean it’s finally in the hands of customers. We got an opportunity to take one for a spin and  boy was it fun.

First of, this is my first ever Jimny experience, I’ve never had the opportunity to drive the previous models so I can’t properly compare this new Jimny with those from the past. So Im writing this with a fresh and open mind set.

When I first saw photos of the new Jimny, I was pretty excited. It was cute, its as though the Land Rover Defender and the Mercedes G wagon played in the woods, had a love child and called Jimny. When I first saw it in person, I immediately smiled and had that aww feeling. It looked awesome and immediately wondered what mods we could do to it.

The wheels definitely needed to be swapped out with something that would give this cute SUV a more masculine look. A set of JOAS Excel JX3 wheels would be perfect in my opinion. It has a beautiful twin 5-spoke start pattern design that would give the Jimny a more aggressive look and of course it has that that JOAS fit, finish and top-notch quality. A perfect addition to complete the JOAS look would also be a set of JOAS mud guard, not only for looks but for the functionality. I mean lets face it, who wants to see their brand new Jimny dirty or full of rock chips.

The new Jimny’s power comes from a 1.5-liter K15B engine with 101 hp and 130 Nm of torque.  The power felt adequate during my quick drive, but it would have been nice to get a few more horses and hear the exhaust note just a bit. The Greddy Xcross for the Jimny exhaust would be just right, it’s a beautiful dual exit exhaust with a burnt tip and of course the Greddy quality. Another item I would add to the Jimny would be an aftermarket air filter, PartsPro.PH also has the Airinx drop-in filters available for the new Jimny as well.

Another item I would add to the new Jimny would be the DTE PedalBox. The DTE PedalBox would help increase the Jimny's acceleration, Made in Germany and TUV certified. It has 3 modes: Eco, Sport and Sport+ and within these mods there are 3 adjustments +3 and -3 in sensitivity, so there is so much you can do with the DTE PedalBox. 

At the end of the day, the new Jimny is cute. And not everyone is going to be comfortable driving a cute car. And for that there are options;  theres the Liberty Walk Mini G body kit, the DAMN Baby G and Baby D which gives the Jimny a more aggressive appearance. Its nice to have options and these 3 are definitely the best out there.

The interior of the Jimny was straight forward. Its simple and no frills, except for the decently sized infotainment screen. The space wasn’t much but then again the Jimny isn’t necessarily a family car. It can comfortably fit 4 average size adults but thats about it. The luggage space in the rear is almost non-existent unless the only thing you plan on carrying in the back in an umbrella or two. You can go grocery shopping with the Jimny, but you’ll definitely have to put the back seats down. For the interior I would definitely add all weather floor mats to keep the carpets clean, especially if you plan on taking the Jimny off-road. A dash cam is always necessary here in the Philippines along with automatic door locks as well.

The quick drive with the Jimny was a great experience, overall I had a blast driving the car. It was quick enough, light and very nimble. It’s the perfect car for streets of Manila, it gives you plenty of power for the Metro and it’s small enough that you can get through the congestion with ease. The interior space is decent enough to get your through your daily commute and maybe weekend road trips with friend. It’s a fun little SUV that packs a lot of personality even in stock form. But if you want to give it some more character PartsPro.PH can help you out with that.

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