ARB off-road adventure

The other week we got an opportunity to join ARB Philippines on an off-road adventure. Admittedly this was my first off-road adventure here in the Philippines. And it was a blast.

We went to Tanay at Jungle Base 4x4 center with a crew of about 15 off-road vehicles, full enthusiast and gear. It was to be a day of off-roading, camaraderie, learning and experiencing first hand what ARB products are designed to do.

We also got an opportunity to interview an ARB representative from Australia to discuss what makes ARB different from everyone else. This was a great interview, very informative and it gave us an insight as to why ARB is one of the brands everyone flocks to when it comes to off-roading.

At Jungle Base we were treated to some tough terrain, river crossings and near 90 degree drops followed by near 90 degree climbs back up that required lots of skill and the right modifications.

Here are some mods that I consider must haves when considering getting into off-roading.


Tires should be the first modification anyone should consider when getting into off-roading. A good set of mud-terrain tires or all-terrains tires will increase the capability of any truck or SUV. Increasing the size of the tire will increase the height of obstacles it can conquer, but will also reduce your effective gear ratio and add unsprung weight, this will affect your vehicle’s ride quality, acceleration, fuel economy and braking. Here at PartsPro.PH we carry a variety of tire manufacturers that offer mud and all terrain tires for your off-roading needs.


Since you’ve gotten yourself a set of great off-roading tires, you’ll need to fit taller and tougher suspension components in order to clear the terrains you’ll end up encountering. Old Man Emu offers a couple different options along with other brands like Tough Dog and Pro-Fender. Aftermarket suspension will also come with higher-quality components, this will give your vehicle a better ride quality and improve its ability to handle the tougher conditions while off-roading. Whether thats river crossings or deep mud terrain, tougher suspension components are a must have.


If you want to take full advantage of your vehicle’s new found capabilities but not damage your vehicle’s bodywork, then you’re going to want to protect it. A set of front bull bars, rear steal bumpers and side bars offer protection from bumps and scrapes. This will also give you the ability to mount accessories like winches, lights, tire carriers and recover boards, which are all necessary accessories for serious off-roaders. All the vehicles during our off-roading adventure had at least a front bull bar. This is definitely a must have item, especially on the terrains we encountered.

Since going on the ARB off-roading adventure I now have a better appreciation for the off-roading community. The guys I met were some of the nicest guys I’ve met here in the Philippines and the camaraderie was just awesome. Everyone pitched in, helped out and most importantly shared knowledge to those of us who are fairly new to the off-road scene. 

Here are some more awesome photos from the ARB off-road adventure.


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