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I admit when I first saw photos of the Aston Martin DBX, my initial thoughts were "holy sh** thats pretty damn ugly" and I still think that way in stock trim. But we all know stock in boring and Lumma Design from Germany obviously felt the same way too.

In case you didn't know the craze for luxury car manufacturers these days is to create a powerful sports car "like" SUV. Bentley came out with the Bentayga not too long ago, Lamborghini has the Urus, Porsche has the Cayenne and Macan, and of course Mercedes Benz has the ever so popular AMG G wagon and now Aston Martin has the DBX.

Specs on the DBX are:

  • Engine  4.0-liter twin-turbo V8
  • Power and torque  543bhp and 516lb ft
  • 0-62mph  4.5sec
  • Top speed  181mph

Not bad for an SUV, right? Now tell me, does a stock DBX look sexy to you?

If you said no, continue reading on!

Lumma Design is based in southern Germany and creates limited design packages for various European cars and luckily one of those cars is the Aston Martin DBX, which with their package is now called the LUMMA CLR AM. 

Only 20 of these conversion kits will be produced meaning they wont be cheap, but here's what you get.

Up front you'll received a new front aero pieces which makes the LUMMA CLR AM looks a lot of aggressive, new hood air intakes and front grille frame which have been completely redesigned by Lumma Design are also part of the kit and are produced from what they call "precisely processed visible carbon". 

Looking at the LUMMA CLR AM from the side, you'll noticed the new side skirts, side skirt trims and wing trims that flow perfectly into the over fenders which help give the LUMMA CLR AM  a much more aggressive look. You'll also notice that the CLR AM gets some new shoes that are made from forged alloy.

Moving to the rear of the CLR AM, LUMMA Design decided replaces the standard rear apron with one thats made of visual carbon. The redesigned diffuser is a 3-part spoiler lip and the new roof spoiler trim complete the carbon aerodynamics at the rear and create space for the carbon trims of the exhaust system.

Like I said earlier only 20 of these kits will be available worldwide and only approved LUMMA Design workshops can install these kits; as the old say goes, if you have to ask the price, then you probably can't afford it.

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