BBS makes a statement
BBS files for insolvency

"There have been many media reports about BBS GmbH filing for Insolvency last week. Unfortunately, some of the reports have inaccurate information or mis-leading information.⁣

As many of you already know, BBS is made up of two separate companies; BBS GmbH and BBS Japan. To minimize confusion, we have detailed a message below to explain and clear up some of the misinformation.⁣

Last week BBS GmbH filed for Insolvency and released an announcement in an email to all their customers and partners.⁣

The overall downturn of the European OE business has affected BBS GmbH’s OE business and the temporary shutdown due to Covid-19 pandemic have created an even greater challenge for BBS GmbH. As a result, BBS GmbH has filed for Insolvency. Prior to the pandemic, BBS had planned to restructure the size and scope of the business, shifting the business to service more aftermarket customers and reduce the dependence on OE business.⁣
Production of all BBS products will continue with no disruption to BBS aftermarket or OE customers.⁣

It should be noted that BBS Japan and BBS Motorsport are a separate company from BBS GmbH and are not involved in the Insolvency of BBS GmbH.⁣"

With all that said - if you're interested in BBS wheels please contact us.

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