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Need to manage a fleet of vehicles? Want to track and monitor the company fleet, to make sure they are being used efficiently?

Then you need to check out Cartrack Fleet Management.

Cartrack Partspro.PHCartrack is the global leader in fleet management, store vehicle recovery, and workforce optimization. Established in 2004 in South Africa, Cartrack initially started as a stolen vehicle recovery solution. In 2007 they began offering Fleet management products and by 2016 Cartrack entered the US and New Zealand markets. And to this day Cartrack operates in over 24 countries worldwide.

Cartrack enables you to effectively and conveniently manage your fleet from the comforts of your office, home or on a mobile device while on the go. You’ll have access to accurate data & reports about the vehicles in your fleet 24/7, including trip reports, e-toll reports, driver behavior, vehicle utilization and so much more.

Cartrack Partspro.PHWorried about your driver going off their schedule routes or outside of their area of responsibility? No problem, Cartrack allows you to set “fences” allowing you to set “no go” zones for each particular vehicle. For example, say truck #1 should only stay within the Pasig proper, you set your “fence” around Pasig proper for that particular truck your on mobile or the Cartrack website. And if somehow the driver decides to leave Pasig, you will be immediately notified.

Other Cartrack features include route replay, which allows you to see what routes drivers use for a particular trip. There's also a logbook feature, which gives you the ability to properly log what each vehicle has done for better and more accurate record-keeping. But my favorite feature from Cartrack is the ability to set automatic alerts, for things like over speeding, braking, cornering, acceleration, and geo-fences. Because this allows you to be able to truly monitor each driver and their driving habits.

And in case of an accident, Cartrack can “reconstruct” it. Giving you access to information about the circumstances before the accident occurred. From the speed the vehicle was going, braking force applied, the time and exact location of the accident.

Cartrack Partspro.PH

Here are 12 benefits that business can get from Cartrack:

1. GPS fleet monitoring. By using our industry leading telematics devices, you’ll always know where your vehicles are located and have a historical log of their driving activities.
2. Reduce fuel and operating costs. Fix bad habits by monitoring your drivers’ speed, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies. Start to see a quick change to your bottom line.
3. Reduce labor costs. Reduce inefficiencies in transport routes and driver behavior to maximize your paid hours.
4. Improve productivity. Put your assets to better use with instant fleet oversight and efficient planning, resulting in faster trip times and fewer deviations.
5. Increase safety. Get key safety metrics for your drivers such as speeding, harsh braking, and harsh turning.
6. Increase security. With increased visibility of your assets, you can rest assured that you are safeguarded against unforeseeable events which makes unauthorised use harder and results in easier insurance claims.
7. Reduce maintenance costs. By improving driver behavior and using our Mi-Fleet driver and vehicle cost management software, you can keep costs low with minimal effort.
8. Advanced reports. Gain a full understanding of your fleet’s movements and costs with a host of automated reports.
9. Increase vehicle life span. With Cartrack’s smart intelligence, you can take full stock of your driver’s technical driving abilities and teach them accordingly how to reduce the wear and tear of your assets.
10. Get instant alerts. Let Cartrack be your eyes on the road with instantaneous notifications of important events such as route deviations, excessive idling, possible theft, or maintenance warnings.
11. Customer-centricity. Exceed your customer’s expectations by improving fleet productivity and quickly accommodating customer requests.
12. Embrace sustainability. As an added bonus to reducing your own costs, you can also reduce your carbon footprint.
*List of benefits from Cartrack Philippines Facebook Page*

Cartrack is a must-have for any company and honestly speaking this is something that the government should require especially vehicles used for public transportation.

For more info about Cartrack give the Partspro.PH customer care team a call - 09177030700

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