Got kids? Got a car seat for them?

Tomorrow Feb 2, 2021, the Republic Act No. 11229 takes into effect. 

What is Republic Act No. 11229 (Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act)?

The Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act is the law that requires the use of child restraint systems (CRS) for children who are 12 years and below with a height of 4’11” and below. The CRS used must be appropriate to a child’s age, height, and weight, and must be mounted in a rear seat of the vehicle. And it also states that “No child twelve (12) years and below of age shall be allowed to sit in a front seat of a motor vehicle with a running engine or while such child is being transported on any road, street or highway…”

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Who is covered by this?

For now just private vehicles. 

Which car seats can I use?

The car seat you plan on using must not exceed past the manufacturer's expiration date, but if it does not have an expiration date is must meet the product safety standards of the DTI-BPS. The child restraint device must comply with the United Nations Regulation No. 44

Meron na kaming car seat, ok na ba yun?

If you already have a car seat, you can have your local LTO office certify it. 

Fines, of course meron yan.

(₱1,000.00) for the first offense; 

(₱2,000.00) for the second offense; 

(₱5,000.00) and suspension of the driver's license for one (1) year for the third and succeeding offenses.

Now if you decide to use a car seat that's substandard, expired, or does not have a PS mark or the ICC sticker and certificate, here are your fines. 

₱1,000.00 for the first offense; ₱3,000.00 for the second offense; and ₱5,000.00 and the suspension of the driver’s license for a period of one (1) year for the third and succeeding offenses.

To read the Republic Act No. 11229 in its entirety here

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My personal opinion only - this opinion does not reflect on Partspro.PH

Since coming back here to the Philippines, there's a lot of things I personally don't understand. Back in the states having a car seat for your child is the norm, so I’m used to it, I know what it's for and the why. And while I'm all for the safety of our children, this law doesn’t seem fair. 

Here are a few questions I’ve got about this "Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act”.

    1. Growing up, we took tricycles, jeepney’s and busses to get to where we needed to go. And for the majority, that's still the case. So if this law is the "Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act” and since the majority take public transportation, why isn’t the government not including those that take public transportation in this act?
    2. Often in my city, I’ll see a family of 3-4, traveling around in a motorcycle. You’ll have the dad driving, the eldest standing in front of the dad, another sits behind the dad and the mom holding a baby, and often without a helmet. And usually, these motorcycles weave in and out of traffic without regards to safety, are they exempted from the "Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act”? Isn’t a situation like this more dangerous? I mean we are talking about "Child Safety”.
    3. When school was in session you’ll often see tricycles haul around 5-6 kids from home to school and back home after class. Obviously, these will be exempted, right? I mean how can you put car seats in a tricycle, especially for those that ride behind the driver?

I’ve got a few more questions, but these are the main ones. While I do applaud lawmakers for worrying about our children's safety, I just wonder why the "Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act”, seems to target private vehicles owner? I mean you can’t help but wonder, is this just another way for the government to make money from us?

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