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DTE Systems GmbH has been around for a long time, creating some of the best performance tuning products for cars and trucks.

With the chiptuning product PowerControl for cars, the engine performance is increased by 25 to 30%, while with the PowerControl PDX for trucks lesser fuel consumption of about 12% can be achieved.

DTE have developed a multi-map tuning technology which can optimize up to 9 different channels, all in real time. DTE’s PowerControl is able to control them all, no matter whether it is common rail pressure, boost pressure, turbo pressure, intake manifold pressure or air mass volume. Even the latest generation and most technically demanding engines are effortlessly optimized, all within a multi-dimensional multi-map environment. The driver is able to select between 3 different programs: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency with 7 power levels each.

With DTE’s PowerControl, drivers have the option to choose their own and fully customizable driving program: Sport, Dynamic and Efficiency.

Note: The Efficiency program is only available for PowerControl X.

In Sport mode, the engine’s parameters are modified for maximum performance. The vehicle reacts more directly for a more responsive driving experience.

The Dynamic mode is a great all-rounder and very well balanced for long distances. The vehicle reacts more dynamically for better agility throughout the rpm range.

Efficiency (for PowerControl X only)
The Efficiency mode is focused on improving the engine’s fuel consumption. Savings of up to 15% can be achieved.

Each DTE Power Control is proven to give extra power with certified measuring methods. Performance datas are measured over several dyno runs using different test vehicles and was in accordance with standard test methods. Our MAHA dynamometers are regularly monitored and calibrated in accordance with standard expert evaluation regulations.

The performance data are determined by a VdTÜV-compliant differential measurement between the serial power of the measuring vehicle and the power consumed. Performance values are standardized according to the standard valid since 1980 in conformity with EWG 80/1269. Older measuring methods that are no longer compliant with the standard (eg according to DIN 70020 or ISO 1585) show about 15% higher performance values. Slippage, which would lead to a false identity card significantly higher performance values, is NOT included by DTE standards.

A second DTE product line is the PedalBox: the gas pedal tuning for all passenger cars with an electronic accelerator. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement in acceleration by approximately 10%.

The following curves illustrate the speed at which the vehicle reacts to throttle input. It’s not about engine power but rather the time it takes for the engine to realize that power!

Significant improvements can be felt even in the ‘City’ (green) mode. The 'Sport' (orange) and 'Sport Plus' (red) modes offer even more of an improvement than the 'City' mode, and all selectable by the driver.

The blue line indicates the standard responsiveness of the throttle from the manufacturer and can also be simulated by turning the PedalBox to its ‘OFF’ mode.

With the DTE Pedal Box you've got over 20 different possible combinations. 

CITY (Green): Works well in and around town and on slippery surfaces

SPORT (Orange): This is the default mode and suitable for everyday driving

SPORT-Plus (Red): The quickest possible throttle response, great for the thrill seekers

Stock (White): The car is in stock mode

Once you have selected a program, you can either increase(green/plus) or decrease(red/minus) it’s intensity.


‘Made in Germany’ means the best possible quality. The ‘ECE’ and ‘CE’ markings are your assurance that the PedalBox conforms to international safety standards as well. The PedalBox, the original from DTE Systems. 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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