From the showroom to PartsPro: Honda Civic

How long should one wait before modifying a car

A. 6 months

B. 1 year

C. 2 years

D.  Once the warranty is over

Here’s a 2018 Honda Civic iVTEC that had 103km and less than 36hrs after the owner took the car home from the dealership; he brought it to us with one goal in mind

- Be different from everyone else out there without being over the top. 

A plan was hatched out and execution would be key. We wanted to make sure we got all the work done within a matter of hours and turn this normal Honda Civic into something that will truly turn heads.

Wheels and Tires:

The owner of this Civic doesn’t necessarily like to be walking around in ordinary shoes, so we had to make sure his Civic wouldn’t be rolling around in anything ordinary as well.


Be 1 of 11 in the world rolling on a set of Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE Electrum Gold  wheels. His 19x8.5 +44 Parts Pro x Rota PPR-02 FF LE Electrum Gold wheels were matted to a set of Achilles 245/35 ZR19 ATR Sport2 tires which are fantastic in both wet and dry conditions.

Not only is this Civic rocking some limited edition 19” wheels, it’s saving weight too which equals better fuel economy and looking mighty sexy all at the same time. Rim coating was also done to his limited edition wheels to keep them in pristine condition.


With the wheels and tires addressed and now leaving a sizable wheel gap, there was absolutely NO way we weren’t lowering this civic. So a set of Tein S-Tech lowering springs was installed. The Tein S-Tech lowering springs offer a 1.5inch (38.1 mm) drop on all four corners for a more aggressive appearance and increased road holding capability.  Another reason why we decided to go with Tein S-Tech is because they’re designed to be used with the OEM shock struts. So not only did the Tein S-Tech give this Civic a more aggressive stance, it did it without killing the owners wallet.

Exterior / Interior:

With the suspension and wheels all dialed in, we had to make some exterior modifications. The goal is to make the car stand out without going over the top and saving a bit of weight at the same time. With the hood being one of the heaviest body panels on this civic we decided that it had to be replaced. We wanted something that would be lighter and stronger…

Solution… carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber hoods and other body panels are becoming the norm for a lot of high-end vehicles because of its benefits. Carbon 101s carbon fiber hood retains factory fitment is significantly lighter and stronger than the stock hood. With this weight savings, the Civic’s center of gravity is now lower as well which results in a better driving dynamics.

A carbon fiber front lip was added to the front bumper giving it a more aggressive look. And in the rear end of the Civic an OEM design carbon fiber spoiler was installed to complete the look. The finishing touches included vinyl wrapping the chrome pieces throughout the exterior of the car and the custom black vinyl decal on the sides panels of the Civic.

Now that we’re in the midst of rainy season we needed to make sure the interior stayed fresh. Some deep dish all weather Hippo Tech-mats were also installed to protect the carpets. The Hippo tech-mats specifically designed for every vehicle which gives it that precise edge to edge fitment.

Nano-Ceramic coating was also applied to the vehicles exterior to make sure it stays in perfect condition. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

This Civic is a prime example of what we’re able to do here at PartsPro. We’re a place that you can come to, tell us your goals with your car and we’ll make sure it gets done and done right. This civic went from being your average run of the mill civic and we turned into something truly special.

Suggested Parts List:

Here’s a quick list of parts we would suggest to the owner of this awesome Civic.

  • Car cover - Here in the Philippines a car cover is an absolute must. Its crazy how quickly cars get dirty here even if its just parked in your garage.
  • Horns - Stock horns from every manufacturer always sound funny, its like they bolted on the road runner cartoon on the chassis and called it a day. We carry various brands of horns here at which are much louder and sound incredible.
  • Detailing spray - Detailing spray is something that very important for every car owner to have in the car at all times. Its important to keep the car’s paint clean because who doesn’t like a shinny car.
  • LED lights - LED lights are great to have. From the dome lights in the interior to the license plate lights, LEDs will be brighter and look great on any car.
  • Vinyl wrapped headlights - Headlights aren’t cheap and rocks being kicked up by a trucks on Manila roads is a common thing. Having some headlight protection is a must and vinyl wrap will be that extra barrier to help protect your headlights.
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