MIAS Wired Happening Now!
With the pandemic taking over our lives and cancelling all of the cars activities we’ve been use to, its pretty awesome to see that the organizers of MIAS found a way to bring us a car show we’re all use to attending. Check out MIAS Wired!
MIAS Wired, Manila International Auto Show 2020
To attend The Manila International Auto Show all you have to do is visit manilaautoshow.com and register for FREE. From there you’ll be able to check out all the various car launches from the all of the participating brands.
MIAS Wired, Manila International Auto Show 2020
You can also check out the Custom & Classic Car Competition, which has some note worthy cars participating in this years competition. Here are a few of those cars:
MIAS Wired, 1980 Toyota BJ45 Truck
MIAS Wired, Smart Brabus
MIAS Wired, Landrover Series III
MIAS Wired, Porsche 356-A
Its really awesome how MIAS Wired has been able to transform the typical car show virtually and its something we can all enjoy over and over again from the comforts of our home. The MIAS Wired event will be happening from Dec. 16-20th, so head over to manilaautoshow.com and check out some awesome cars.
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