Prior Design Ford Ranger Body Kit

Looking to spice up for your Ford Ranger? Want to go wider and give your Ranger a meaner more aggressive look?

Based in Germany, Prior Design is known for making body kits for high-end brands, like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley, and Rolls Royce just to name a few, but their latest body kit is meant for your Ford Ranger. The Prior Design widebody kit makes the Ford Ranger look mean, rugged and it looks awesome.

Prior DesignPrior Design
Here’s a quick video of Prior Design showing off their body kits on this black Ford Ranger.

Starting upfront with the grill, you can have the option of whether or not you want the Prior Design logo on or not. The side profile of the truck we see ultra-wide fender flares that really makes the Ranger so much more aggressive compared to the stock form. In the back, Prior gave the Ranger a subtle touch with the spoiler and rear apron.

Prior DesignPrior DesignPrior Design If you're interested in a Prior Design body kit for your Ford Ranger or any other vehicle you may have in your stable, contact our customer care team at 0917-703-0700.

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