Shelby GT350R - the sleigh you need for this Christmas

 The car photographed is the ultra rare 2017 Shelby Mustang GT350R and its truly glorious is so many ways. There are a lot of Mustang’s out in the wild but nothing and I mean nothing compares to this beast from Detroit.

When you first see this GT350R you know immediately that it means business. The front fascia looks like its about to swallow you whole with its huge blacked out grills, while the front splitter with Shelby stamped on it tells you this isn’t your mothers weekend shopping mall kinda Mustang. Along with the front splitter theres also the rear spoiler that helps keep the GT350R planted while you hit the 180mph top speed.

That 180pmh top speed is courtesy of the 5.2 naturally aspirated flat crank V8 with 526 horses that screams all the way to 8,250rpm. Yup, you read that right. An incase you don't get all of the horses to wake you know exactly who to blame because the gentleman who built the engine, autographed it for you. And here’s a fun fact, this engine weights less than the Ferrari 458’s V8.

The interior of this GT350R is a pretty awesome place to be in. Upon opening the door, the Recaro sport seats immediately welcomes you and holds you nice and tight as you take this Mustang around the track. While sitting in the Recaro seats you’ll be gripping onto the alcantara steering wheel while manually shifting through the gears. Yup, this GT350R comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, anything else would have been considered inhumane.

One of the coolest thing on the GT350R is the carbon fiber wheels. Yes, carbon fiber wheels on a Mustang. Produced by Carbon Revolution from Australian, each wheel weights 18lbs (8.1kgs) compared to the 33lbs (15kgs) that an aluminum wheel would have weighed. Ford claims, that this adds up to a 60-pound total reduction in unsprung weight, and a 40-percent drop in rotational inertia. Up front the GT350R has 19x11’s while 19x11.5 sit out back, these carbon fiber wheels are wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

Sitting behind these carbon fiber wheels are some massive 15inch cross drilled rotors that get squeezed by the 6-piston Brembo calipers up front and 4-piston calipers in the rear. This kind of stopping power is definitely need for a beast like this, plus they look beautiful with the carbon fiber wheels.

Now you are probably thinking that I just made that up, because you’re not seeing carbon fiber weaves, well thats because Ford had to develop a high-gloss black finish to protect the wheels. - Don't they look beautiful?

Another cool thing about the GT350R is the sport exhaust button. Located just in front of the shifter level, this button allows you to keep the exhaust quiet or you can open it up and allow the car to SCREAM and I mean SCREAM. Video of the exhaust note and a completely walk around of the car coming soon - so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Chanel. (shameless I know).

I’ll close this by letting you all know that this car has less than 1,000 on the odometer and is actually FOR SALE. This car is pretty much brand new; if you look closely you'll see that the head unit still has its protective film on it and so does the side sills. This is a client’s car so if anyone is interested in this Shelby Mustang GT350R please contact us. 

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