Bring new life to your car with Sludgenizer NV20

Most of us, unfortunately, do not regularly change our engine oil. There’s so much happening in our lives that sometimes we forget.

Over time sludge builds up in our car's engine causing our engine to work harder than it should. Imagine entering a weight lifting contest after running a marathon, it would be very difficult to do. Your legs will feel sluggish, heavy and your body would have to work double to lift something you could easily do at full strength.

With its Japanese origin, the Sludgenizer NV20 is able to flush sludge, soft carbon, and other contaminants from your car's engine, giving it renewed life.  The Sludgenizer NV20 does this is multiple steps:

  1. Washing: A special fluid formulated for Sludgenizer is infused by high wave pressure into the engine, causing sludge and other contaminated to be removed from the camshafts, piston heads, the engine block, and oil pan.
  2. Soaking: This is a very unique process that is special to Sludgenizer NV20. Its specially formulated fluid is capable of decomposing sludge that may not come off during the washing phase.
  3. Rising: This final step allows the specially formulated fluid to be infused into the engine again. This process is intended to rinse off any of the remaining sludge and debris that was left from the first two steps to ensure that the engine is completely fresh and clean.

What are the benefits of Sludgenizer NV20?

Every time we do an oil change we always want or expect the performance to be similar to what the car had when it was brand new. Unfortunately, having sludge and a dirty engine, that is simply impossible. But after performing you can expect your car to have:

  • Reduces engine vibration
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Improves acceleration
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Improve acceleration
  • Reduce engine noise

Ready to bring new life into your engine?

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