Soft99 Fusso Coat

I’ve tried plenty of car wax in the past 10+yrs or so and some have been amazing while some were worthless. The Soft99 Fusso has been one of the best I’ve tried and let me tell you why.

First things first, Soft99 is a Japanese brand that has been around for some time now, some of the more experienced car guys will remember the Soft99 name. I was introduced to Soft99 about 2yrs ago. The products I first tested were the Soft99 Fusso Coat, Soft99 Glaco and the Soft99 Iron Terminator. But in this article, I’ll focus on the Fusso Coat.

The Soft99 Fusso Coat comes in two colors depending on the color of your vehicle.

Soft99 Fusso Coat
For those with light-colored vehicles, you’ll want to purchase the light-colored Fusso.

Soft99 Fusso Coat
While those with dark-colored vehicles, make sure you get the dark-colored variant.

First of all, despite being called a Fusso Coat Wax, it isn’t actually a wax, because Fusso Coat doesn’t contain any naturally derived waxes (ie. carnauba). Fusso Coat is comprised of a highly resilient fluoropolymer. Which makes it a polymer-based sealant, and will only cling onto oil-free surfaces.

So basically the Fusso Coat is a paint sealant in the form of paste wax.

You don’t need much to properly cover your car with Fusso Coat. Each tin can has 200g which is good for 20-25 coats, depending on the size of your vehicle. Soft99 claims that Fusso coat can last up to 12months, but that will all depend on a few different factors. I’ll write those factors in a future post.

Soft99 Fusso Coat
From my testing, the Fusso coat lasted about 6-8 months on my daily driven SUV. Before applying Fusso Coat, my vehicle washed using proper car soap, it also received a 1 step light polishing to remove any surface contaminants and light scratches. It was stored in a garaged while at home and was mostly driven around metro manila. The car got washed about once a week and no other special treatment was done to the vehicle.

The Fusso Coat was extremely hydrophobic and it created nice and tight water beading. The car looked awesome when in the sun, it was super glossy and had lots of depth in the paint. But more importantly for me, it provided great protection for my vehicle.

Fusso Coat completely surprised me on how well it performed. And its a product that I would highly recommend you check it out. 

Fusso Coat for vehicles with dark paint.

Fusso Coat for vehicles with light paint.

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