The $1.2 Million Ford

Meet the Ford GT MKII,  the $1.2million track-only version of the Ford GT Supercar. 

The Ford GT MKII features a 700-hp version of the Ford GT's twin-turbo V-6 engine, has racing-inspired aero package, and a stripped-out interior. And only 45 units will be produced by Ford. 

When I was growing up having a race car was always a dream of mine. It was the ultimate toy, the toys for the big boys. And boy would I love to have one of these in my garage.

One of the most noticeable feature on the Ford GT MKII is the massive rear spoiler with dual-elements, Ford claims that this exceeds the downforce produced by the race car's wing, ridiculous. Other aerodynamic enhancements include a huge rear diffuser, front splitter, louvered on the front fenders, and dive planes on the front bumper. Ford says that the GT MK II makes over 400 percent more downforce than the "normal" Ford GT and that it will pull over 2 g's of lateral grip.

The interior has been stripped out and only the essentials were left behind. A race bred steering wheel with all the necessary controls sits immediately in-front of the Sparco racing buckets. Other interiors accoutrements include racing harness, a roll cage, fire-extinguisher and a couple displays so that the driver can see all the cars vitals.

How crazy would that be to see this car on the streets of Manila. 

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