The Hawks Eye

The HawkEye. 

The 2007 Subaru STI was is one of the most sought after sport sedan and one that will truly be a collectors car in the future. This generation STi is by far the best looking STi to come out since 22B. The nickname Hawkeye came from the forums as the headlights is reminiscent of the Hawks eye.

The hood scoop on the Hawkeye is a little bit more subtle compared to the previous gen, but it definitely does the job feeding cold air to the top mount intercool. Powered by the EJ25 the turbocharged 4 cylinder boxer engine puts out 300HP and 300ft-lbs of torque. The power is put down through a 6speed manual transmission and Subaru’s famous Symmetrical AWD system. Connecting the car to the ground is a set of gold BBS wheels which houses the Brembo brakes. Exhaust exits through the Prodrive muffler which is highly sought after piece in the Subaru world.

The interior is definitely my favorite thing about the Hawkeye. The Black with Blue inserts sport seats look amazing and holds you in place during spirited driving plus it matches the blue carpets perfectly. Can you name another car with blue carpets from factory? 

The steering wheel is done up in black leather with contrast pinkish red stitching which matches the shift knob as well. Beyond the steering wheel is the gauge cluster that is simple with no frills. On the left you have your fuel and water temps, far right is your speedometer and in the middle you have your tach with a shift light telling you when to send it to the next gear.

And the coolest thing about the interior is the cassette player. Now I’m assuming that some of you Gen Z folks might not know what a cassette player and for that there’s google.

In the back sits the roof vane spoiler that feeds air right into picnic table spoiler, both help with the cool factor but more important increases down force for the STi. Now one of the most controversial part of Hawkeye amongst enthusiast is the clear tail lights. There's a pretty good number of folks that preferred the red tinted tail lights of the previous gen over this. What do you think about the clear tail lights, Yay or Nay?

This is probably one of the best examples locally. This particular car is pretty much stock and it’s only mods are the Samco Y-pipe, BMC intake filter, and a tune to extract the cars full potential. The car has approximately 55,000 on the odometer and is actually up for sale by the owner. 

If anyone is interior is a super fun practical 4-door sedan let us know.

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