The Jimny 4-door Truck

The all new Jimny truck!

The new Jimny is absolutely awesome. Its a a fantastic car, especially for the streets of Manila. And if your looking for mods check out our Jimny page. But if you wished it had 2 extra door and a small truck bed in the back then you need to check out this awesome Jimny 4-door truck.

Hope I didn't get your hopes up, cause this Jimny is just a render from If Suzuki would ever decide to make a Jimny 4-door Jimny truck, it would definitely sell like hot cakes. 

Now go email Suzuki HQ and demand them to make a Jimny Truck!!! Before you do that make sure you check out this our mods for the 2020 JB74 Jimny. We've got a ton of mods and more coming in the near future 

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