Check out the Toyota C+Pod

Meet the Toyota C+Pod, the super-compact 2-seater EV that Toyota hopes to bring to the masses.

Toyota C+PodFor a price of about P800,000, this tiny 2-seater stands at 1,550 mm tall, 1,290 mm wide, and 2,490 mm long. And that means the C+Pod can comfortably navigate and maneuver in and out of Manila’s tight and congested roads.

Toyota C+PodToyota C+PodToyota C+Pod

Looking at the C+Pod you’ll notice that this tiny 2-seater comes with LED headlights, LED Taillights, a charging port in the grill of the car, and the use of plastic for the exterior panels to help reduce weight. But fear not even with the plastic body panels, Toyota made sure that the C+Pod comply with crash safety standards (frontal, rear, or side impacts).

Toyota C+PodToyota C+PodHop inside the C+Pod’s cabin and you’ll find the basics. A digital dash in the middle will show you the speed, which by the way will max out at 60kph. The floor of the C+Pod houses the 51Ah, 9.06kWh lithium-ion battery, and will give you 150km on a fully charged battery.

Toyota C+PodThe C+Pod also features a Pre-collision Safety System that includes the ability to detect other vehicles (day and night), pedestrians (day and night), and cyclists (day). You also get parking sensors that will also stop the car for you in case your about to hit a wall and other stationary obstacles during low-speed operation.

Toyota C+PodBut for me, the coolest feature of the C+Pod is that it can be used as an external power supply system of up to 1,500 W (100 VAC) as standard for use during power outages and natural disasters. Which we all know can be super handy here in the Philippines.

Toyota C+PodSo, what do you think about Toyota C+Pod? Would you be interested in this tiny car for P800,000?

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Caridad M. Junio

Caridad M. Junio

I’m eagerly awaiting its availability in the Philippines as my 3rd car. More power Toyota!

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