Giordon 2-WAY FM CAR ALARM 1km / 5kms

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2-WAY FM CAR ALARM 1km / 5kms FSK Technology

Transmitter: 1 pc #G2130 w/ LCD display (non-rechargeable), Black, 5-Buttons
1 pc #G2147 w/ LED display, Black, 5-Buttons w/ Antenna
19-Pin Module with embossed "GIORDON" at the center
Siren horn: #4004 12V 20W 125dB 6 Tones
with Shock Sensor, Relays Reset Button & LED indicator
1 pc pin switch for Hood / Lock

FSK Technology; Control Distance: 1,000 Gauges (1km)
Feedback / Monitor Distance: 5,000 Gauges (5kms)
3 colour LCD vivid transmitter visually monitor / confirmation of operation, clock and car status

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