ACDelco Air Filter Hyundai Santa Fe 13-, Kia Sorento 2.2L CRDi

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As much as 40,000 liters of air must pass through the air filter for every liter of fuel the engine burns. Therefore making sure you fit a high-quality, efficient air filter is essential. ACDelco air filters trap damaging foreign particles to help maximize the service life of an engine’s internal components.

Formulated for improved fuel economy and to provide engine protection and performance. Designed for use with a high-performance diesel common rail engine, it meets dexos2 and exceeds API CJ-4 standards.

Design Features:
  • Specific media choice & pleat design to minimize pressure drop across the filter and optimize filter life
  • Resin-impregnated paper to enhance filter efficiency
  • Pleat lock technology to prevent pinching of media & filter blockage
  • Supple rubber seals prevent air from bypassing the filter
  • Spiral inner tube with crimped seam improves rigidity to support filter media (round filters)
  • Straight crimped (not welded) outer tube to prevent pleat wear (round filters)
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  • Hyundai Santa Fe 13-
  • Kia Sorento 2.2L CRDi

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