AirPro Air Freshner

SCENTS: Citrus Fusion
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AirPro Air Freshener

Organic and eco-friendly air fresheners inspired by nature.

AIR FRESHENER PRO FOR CARS & CREATE AROMA IN YOUR CAR - Car air freshener can make your car like an attractive place when you add fun car perfume. Car air purifier releases effectively and neutralizes the odor-causing particles from dust, bacteria, smoke, food and other items.

NATURAL OIL ESSENTIALS & ELIMINATE UNWANTED ODORS - Main ingredients of car perfume are essential Engine Oil totally extracted from plants-phytoncid in solid car air freshener: no chemicals added, alcohol-free, solid wood, paper penetrating essential Engine Oil, and solid beads. Safe, healthy, and non-polluting.

CALM DRIVING & SAFETY AND CONCENTRATION - Car perfume AirPro freshener luxury in the vehicle is a great way to reduce stress while driving. Add some essential oil of CITRUS FUSION to your car vent diffuser and calm your body and help increase your alertness while on the road, also active the atmosphere and improve driving pleasure.

MULTIPLE FRAGRANCE & ELEGANT DESIGN - Unique AirPro Car Perfume scent vent clip shape very stylish, elegant, as a delicate decoration. The car air freshener naturally volatilizes and slowly release unique the fragrant CITRUS FUSION for up to 20 days, 2 pack, with the taste of flower or fruit, a long fresh aftertaste. There are one reusable refill perfume runs out.

EASY INSTALLATION - The use and installation of the new car perfume is very simple and offers a variety of placement and suspension methods: mounted on the air outlet of the car, hanging on the rearview mirror, placed under the seat, etc. If you have any quality and usage problems please contact our customer service.

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