ARB Double Skydome Swag

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Dimensions: 2150mm (l) x 1400mm (w) x 800mm (h)

Incorporating the latest in swag design and comfort, the ARB SkyDome swags have been designed from the ground up to meet the exact needs of 4WDers and tourers alike.

Over the years, the humble swag has evolved from a simple sheet of canvas to a tapered design, and more recently to dome-shaped structures. This evolution continues with the unique configuration of the ARB SkyDome swag.


To counter the claustrophobic feeling caused by some swags, the ARB SkyDome range has been designed with very generous dimensions. The industry-leading height from head to hip allows occupants to move around freely and spread out without feelings of confinement.

The large mesh areas provide excellent ventilation to reduce internal condensation, with additional canvas flaps and insect-proof mesh in the roof zone of the Series II improving cross-flow ventilation to enhance airflow and make it cooler and even more comfortable during warmer nights.

The freestanding architecture means ARB SkyDome swags require no pegs or guy ropes when deployed on flat surfaces. Matched with waterproof materials and a high-density corrugated 75mm foam mattress, the ARB SkyDome Swag will ensure a dry and comfortable night’s sleep in any conditions.

The ARB SkyDome range includes both single and double configurations and can be purchased with the optional Boot Swag to keep footwear and other gear dry and away from the elements.


Heavy duty canvas with water and rot proof treatment


Large and spacious 1800L internal volume


The ARB Skydome Swag has a height volume of 800mm


4 x internal storage pockets, a torch holder and 2 x hanging hooks

Improved air ventilation thanks to additional canvas flaps and two extra mesh panels in the head-to-hip area.
Heavy duty canvas with water and rot proof treatment.
4 x internal storage pockets, a torch holder and 2 x hanging hooks.
Large and spacious 1800L internal volume.
Rain gutters to divert water from windows.
All door and windows feature YKK zips.
Brass eyelets nickel plated brass eyelets.

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