ARB Led Intensity Lights 7.5

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Arb Intensity Led Light (21 Flood) 7.5"
Arb Intensity Led Light (21 Spot) 7.5"

Has a High Pressure Cast Aluminum Body
Indestructible Poly Carbonate Lens
Hard Coated with a Poly Carbonate Cover
21 LEDs with a 50,000+ Life Span
Gore Breather
IP68 Certified
Submersible up to 3m
Integrated Thermal Management
Safe Against Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference
Multi Position Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket

In 2009 ARB engineers started a development program to produce an ARB driving light with a completely new design incorporating the latest LED technologies.

Unlike light bars that were growing in popularity, ARB required a light that was compatible with current bull bar designs and traditional driving light mounting points. They also needed to be a legal fitment which, in many states, light bars are not.

Many ARB customers prefer a combination of a spot and a spread driving light due to the various driving conditions encountered in general off-roading. Most LED light bars on the market are considered great lights for slower off-road driving where the ability to see great distances is not so critical. For ARB's new light to compete with the best the market can offer in Halogen and HID lighting, it needed to give not only the broad flood beam associated with light bars but also a spot beam with the ability to penetrate longer distances.

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