ARB Rear Bar (LC 200/100/80)

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Rear Bar 

LC 200
LC 100
LC 80

ARB's Modular Rear Bumpers offer the greatest combination of protection and storage flexibility. You begin building your rear bumper and tire carrier by first selecting the main rear bumper portion and then you have to choose one of three choices for both the left and right sides of the carrier. On each side, you can option a Tire Carrier, a Jerry Can Holder or a Blank Panel.

Whether you need a couple of spare Tires, extra fuel or any combination of the two, this ARB Rear Bumper is a perfect way to balance your load. Twin 33' Tires can be fitted or a larger size tire can be paired with a Jerry Can or Blanking Panel for the perfect fit.

A total of 3 part numbers ( 5613210 plus one choice for the right side of the carrier and one choice for the left side of the carrier) will be required to complete the installation.

Required Parts:
These parts are required for installing this product on your vehicle.
5700251 - LHS Tire Carrier or
5700252 - RHS Wheel Carrier or
5700261 - LHS Jerry Can Holder or
5700262 - RHS Jerry Can Holder or
5700231 - LHS Cover Panel or
5700232 - RHS Cover Panel

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