ARB Safari Snorkel (FJ Cruiser/Prado120/LC80/Ranger)

Sale price₱ 25,298.00


ARB Safari Snorkel (FJ Cruiser/Prado120/LC80/Ranger)


  • Fj Cruiser SS420HF
  • Hilux/Vigo SS122HF
  • LC 80 SS81HF
  • LC 200 SS181HF
  • Prado 120 Diesel SS181HF


  • Ranger SS982HF
  • Ranger (Elephant) 11- SS980HF


  1. Maximum Reliable Power Increase
  2. Direct Control of Exhaust Gas Temperature (Thermal Load)
  3. Direct Control of Fuel Injection Open Duration (Closed Loop)
  4. Direct Control of Fuel Pressures
  5. Direct Control of Turbocharger Operation (Boost)
  6. Cold Start Engine Protection

Snorkels are for more than just deep water crossings where they ensure water does not make its way through your airbox and into your engine while crossing rivers and unexpected floodways.

The fitment of a well-designed and constructed snorkel, just as importantly, protects your engine from dust while traveling along dry dirt roads. The fitment of a snorkel repositions the air-intake to a much higher and cleaner location greatly reducing the amount of dust passing through to your airbox and filter.

Safari invented the concept of the snorkel as a custom-molded, vehicle-specific, engineered product for the 4×4 accessory industry, back in the eighties. Safari snorkels are engineered and manufactured in Australia from locally sourced materials. Safari snorkels are CAD designed around each vehicle's unique design to absolute precision for seamless integration.

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