ATE Brake Fluid SL Dot 4 1 Liter

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ATE Brake Fluid SL Dot 4, 1000ml

The ideal brake fluid for every vehicle application

The ATE brand represents years of expertise in the development of brake fluids as part of original equipment automotive brake assemblies. We’ve learned that no one brake fluid can be the ideal brake fluid for every vehicle application. That’s why ATE offers four brake fluid formulations. While each is designed for a different type of vehicle brake system, all feature viscosity, boiling point, and pressure behavior that allow brakes systems to react quickly and reliably.

The ATE Brake Fluid line includes ATE SL, ATE SL.6, ATE TYP 200 and ATE 5.1. All feature high-quality additives that help deliver outstanding corrosion protection and optimum compatibility with brake system sealing materials.

From passenger cars to pickups, and from SUVs to race cars, the ATE Brake Fluid line has the right formula for your application.

ATE SL Brake Fluid is an excellent DOT 4 replacement for use as hydraulic fluid in brake and clutch systems of motor vehicles. It features a mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers, polyethylene glycols, and boric acid esters of polyethylene glycols with anti-corrosion / anti-aging agents. ATE SL meets and exceeds the requirements of the brake fluid standards FMVSS-No. 116 – DOT 4, SAE J1704 and ISO 4925, Class 4, among others.

Category: DOT4
ISO Class 6: Low Viscosity
Dry boiling point: min 260 Celsius
Wet boiling point: min 165 Celsius
Standards: FMVSS 571.116 / DOT4 / DOT3, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925, CLASS 6;

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