BBS Wheels (Germany) Satin Titanium with Rim Protector 9.0x19 (CH-R)

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‘Motorsport’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel. Replaceable stainless-steel rim protector. Back-milled spokes for optimal weight.

The consistent advancement of the legendary CH wheel. Sporty handling and pure driving dynamics. Long, filigree spokes and an especially distinctive central area give this dynamic lightweight wheel a striking look. The shape alone suggests a close relationship to motor racing, and this is confirmed by the performance – palpable in every turn of the wheel.

BBS CH-R is an athletic, lightweight wheel created with technological excellence. Design and production at the highest level, it is the consistent advancement of a legend. Sporty handling and pure driving dynamics, with weight optimization being achieved by a special Flow-Forming process, which was developed for the Formula 1.

The CH-R wheel has a laser inscription of “Motorsport” in the wheel center, back-milled spokes for weight reduction and value preserving rim protectors.

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