BILLION Racing PS Tank Mit. EVO 7/8/9

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BILLION Racing PS Tank Mit. EVO 7/8/9

Part#: BRPS-M02

The Billion Racing PS tank is a special double-structured aluminum tank that suppresses the cavitation of power steering fluid that occurs at high engine speeds by the swirl effect (air bubbles and power steering fluid are separated by swirling!). By replacing it with a genuine power steering tank, it completely shuts out the fluid jet generated during sports driving. Even under extreme conditions such as circuit driving and drifting, such as high temperature, high rotation, and high load, The "unstable weight" symptom does not occur, and a linear and stable steering feel is achieved.

BRPS-S01 Impreza GDB (A to F type compatible)
Aluminum 90φ tank body × 1
Aluminum, knurled blue anodized tank cap × 1
Tridon hose band for 16φ and 11φ x1 each (for fixing PS hose)

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