Bridgestone Ecopia EP850 235/60 R17 102H

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Ecopia EP850

The ECOPIA EP850 is a confident performer on both wet and dry surfaces. It was engineered with specially refined tread design for SUVs. With 3D tread grooves, the ECOPIA E850 provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Its rib-linked blocks ensure low rolling resistance while its short and narrow slots greatly reduce tread pattern noise. With high-angle lug blocks, energy is evenly distributed and deformation during braking is minimized.
The ECOPIA E850, when compared to conventional tires, has up to 3.0% less CO2 emissions and up to 3.9% better fuel consumption.

Engineered for the environment

  • Optimized for fuel efficiency
  • 70,000 mile limited treadwear warranty*
  • All-season performance
  • Confident handling and a comfortable ride

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