CARMATE Giga Golder LED H4 6500K

Sale price₱ 16,200.00


Name GOLDER 6500K H4 
color white (WHITE) 
Product weight 135g 
Product size H46 × W46 × D104 (mm) 
Package weight 805g 
package size H170 × W130 × D90 (mm)

LED head valve (H4 Hi / Lo switching type). Trust "Made in Japan" Reliable "3 Year Warranty". A total of four high-intensity compact LED chips are mounted for one bulb. Extremely high heat dissipation performance, high spec model raised the brightness performance of the LED chip to the limit. Luminescent color: 6500 K total luminous flux (per valve): 2400/1850 lumens, vehicle inspection correspondence, hybrid car · idling stop car correspondence.

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