CARMATE Giga Yellow Power 2300K H4

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CARMATE Giga Yellow Power 2300K H4

Product specifications


Name YELLOW POWER 2300 K H4 60 / 55 W 
Color yellow light (YELLOW) 
Product weight 23 g 
Product size H75×W43 x D 48 (mm) 
Package weight 128 g 
Package size H130×W106 × D 60 (mm)

"Very rare light" of the color temperature 2300 K which irradiates "the darkest yellow light" with the luminescent color corresponding to the car inspection. 
Bright and powerful "extreme yellow light" ensures outstanding visibility even in bad weather such as rain, fog, snow. 
Trust made in Japan, with one year warranty with Car Alarm / Sensors.

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