CARMATE Giga Yellow Power 2300K HB4/3

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Product Name YELLOW POWER 2300K HB4/3 55W
Product color YELLOW
Product Weight 24g
Product Size H72×W36×D46(mm)
Package Weight 130g
Package Size H130×W106×D106(mm)

The GIGA halogen bulb is a high quality halogen bulb series combining "brightness" and "beauty" that was developed with the concept of "original shine". 
Adopting high-grade crystal glass for all items, improving the durability of high efficiency halogen bulbs by adding optimum improvements for each valve type such as increasing the pressure of gas and increasing the strength of filaments! 
Just by replacing with a genuine halogen bulb, you can enjoy tune-up to bright and beautiful irradiation light with excellent visibility.

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