CRC Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive 575ml

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ADOS Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

High-Performance Multi-Purpose Spray Glue Adhesive

ADOS Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a spray glue that bonds most materials quickly and easily, giving a long-lasting bond. It is formulated to give a fast tack-off, low-soak spray and dries clear.

It is a pressure-sensitive one-way adhesive that remains repositionable for 1-2 minutes eliminating costly errors with expensive materials. Once positioned, the adhesive will bond within 10-20 minutes. Full cure will take 24 hours.

Features & Benefits


  • Reliable – High strength
  • Convenient – Rapid cure, fast tack
  • User friendly – Non-staining/low mist
  • Aerosol - No cleanup
  • Easy to Use – Repositionable, clear drying
  • Cost-effective – Low soak
  • Low odor - Safe for indoor use


  • Bonding wood, paper, metal, most plastics, fiberglass, leather, carpet, PVC foam, cardboard, cloth, fabrics, foils, cork, some rubbers, felt, labeling, sail cloths, photographs

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