CRC OIL EATER - Converts Oil Stains to Powder 400ml

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CRC Oil Fighter

CRC Oil Fighter

CRC Oil Fighter is a revolutionary new product, that effectively removes oil stains from porous surfaces. Effective on concrete floors and driveways, paving, cobbles, masonry, timber, heavy-duty carpets and mats. Oil Fighter is ideal for all automotive, industrial and household needs.

Whether it be leaks, spills, drips, drops or stains, simply spray Oil Fighter on the oil stain, and allow to dry to a powder, absorbing the oil and pulling it to the surface in the process. Then easily sweep or hose off.

• Removes oil and grease stains.
• Works on concrete, paving, cobbles, masonry, timber, heavy-duty carpets and mats.
• Simple spray-on brush-off formula.
• Rapid formula works in just 1-2 hours.

CAUTION – DO NOT USE on asphalt surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area before using on sealed concrete colored or painted surfaces and carpet. Prior use of other cleaners may impact results.

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