CRC Rust Converter Bottle 250ml

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CRC Rust Converter

Rust Converter And Primer

CRC Rust Converter is a unique fast drying coating formulated for the treatment of lightly rusted or correctly prepared metal surfaces. CRC Rust Converter neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough black primer in one easy step. It binds to the surface and provides a waterproof barrier by sealing out moisture and other outside elements for effective long-lasting rust protection. No more sandblasting, heavy scraping, or grinding.

CRC Rust Converter can be used as a finish coat or can be painted over. To promote a high-quality topcoat finish, apply CRC Prep It as an intermediate primer over CRC Rust Converter prior to top coating.

CRC Rust Converter is non-flammable and contains no known carcinogens like other competitive products

Note: CRC Rust Converter may not prevent further rusting when applied to heavy rust scale.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to Use – No additional mixing or chemical additives required
  • One easy step – Instantly neutralizes rust and converts it to an excellent tough black primer
  • Long-lasting – Protects surfaces for years
  • Seals out moisture – Prevents future rusting. Note: Rust Converter may not prevent further rusting when applied to heavy rust scale.
  • No more sandblasting, heavy scraping, or grinding
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • No residue to wash off – No cleanup
  • Compatible with most standard decorative paint systems for metals
  • Made in NZ
  • 1L & 5L – MPI Approved C23


  • Ideal for use on rusted iron or steel
  • Vehicles and trailers – Shackles, winches, drawbars, subframes, wheel and guards, skips
  • Industrial – Equipment and machinery, machine housings
  • At home – On iron railings, roofing and spouting, gutters, outdoor fixtures, hinges, fences and gates, wrought iron, air conditioning and refrigeration units
  • Farm equipment – Tank stands, fences, gates, farm implements and tractor draw bars, metal junction, terminal boxes
  • Roading and Construction – Bridges, guard rails, lamp stands

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