CRC ZINC BLASTER - Long Reach, Rapid Dry Protection 500ml

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CRC Zinc Blaster

Wide-coverage, long-reach, Zinc-rich spray

CRC Zinc Blaster is a Zinc-rich, wide-coverage, a long-reach spray formulated to quickly provide powerful protection against rust and corrosion with a rapidly drying finish, that matches the look of galvanized steel. 

CRC Zinc Blaster’s unique nozzle produces a powerful spray that quickly covers large areas, and can be applied to hard-to-reach areas, even in challenging outdoor conditions. 

CRC Zinc Blaster is ideal for speedy touch-ups and repairs of damaged galvanized surfaces, or as a convenient and easy-to-apply alternative if hot-dip galvanizing is not available. Zinc Blaster is suitable for weld through. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Long Reach - up to 1 meter
  • Wide Coverage Spray 
  • Zinc-rich coating – Powerful protection against rust and corrosion 
  • Dries rapidly for a quick return to service 
  • Long-term corrosion protection - up to 65 months 
  • 99% Zinc Purity 
  • Galvanised Steel Colour 
  • Prime – Touch Up – Protect 
  • Weld through 


  • Wherever galvanising requires repair or bare steel or iron needs protection.
  • Ideal for speedy touch-up/repair of galvanised products.
  • Use in manufacturing, welding, galvanising, engineering, sandblasting and mechanical workshops, ideal for importers of galvanised products. 

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