CTEK CTX Battery Sense

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CTX Battery Sense

Battery Type: Lead-Acid from 5 to 200Ah.

Features: Compatible with Android OS 4.4 and higher, iPhone iOS 7 and higher, Bluetooth® 4.0.
                Easy to understand smart phone application and monitor.
                Push notification straight to your mobile phone if your charge falls to a critical level.
                Can sync with multiple monitors.

Easily track the health of your vehicle battery with this unique Bluetooth enabled smart tracking device. It’s easy to install and data is delivered through a free to download iPhone or Android App.

CTEK BATTERY SENSE is a Bluetooth enabled, smart battery management tool. It’ll help you prevent vehicle breakdowns and maximize the performance of your battery by giving you valuable, easy to understand information about the state of your battery’s charge. Just download the free app, connect the Battery Sense Monitor to your battery, follow the in-app instructions and your mobile phone will give you data 24/7, all year round. You can even sync multiple monitors to your phone for a complete battery management system. And if your battery’s charge falls to a critical level, Battery Sense will tell you when it’s time to reach for your CTEK battery charger.

Suitable for all car, motorcycle and engine starter batteries 4.5AH or over.

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