CTEK Intergrated Solutions Charger SMARTPASS 120

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Charging Current (Max.): 120A
Battery Type: 12V Lead-Acid
Battery Capacity: 28-800Ah
Insulation: IP65 (splash & dust proof)
Features: Works in tandem with D250S Dual. "Battery Watch", battery and critical consumer protection.
                Temperature Sensor

SMARTPASS is a smart automatic dual battery isolator switch and energy management unit which controls and optimizes energy produced by alternators, solar cells, wind power or conventional AC/DC chargers. It distributes power to battery banks or consumers depending on energy needs, such as the service battery bank, bow thruster or anchor chain hoist batteries or power consumers like refrigerators, radio’s, etc.
Used together with a D250S DUAL DC/DC on-board Battery Charger, SMARTPASS provides optimal charging via CTEK’s unique multi stage charging cycle, which also protects your batteries. SMARTPASS also has an integrated “Battery Watch” feature which protects batteries from harmful total discharge and ensures that critical equipment such as radio, emergency Car Light and navigation systems get the proper priority to provide maximum functionality. SMARTPASS has a temperature sensor which protects batteries against high temperatures.

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