CTEK Consumer Charger MXS 3.8 EU

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MXS 3.8 UK

The MXS 3.8 is an advanced battery charger and maintainer. It has selectable programs for use on different sized batteries and special programs for desulphation, and charging on cold days.

Voltage: 14.4V / 14.7V
Charging Current (Maximum): 3.8A
Charging Type: 7 step, fully automatic charging cycle
Battery Type: 12V Lead-Acid
Battery Capacity: 12-85Ah
Insulation: IP65 (splash & dust proof)

Automatic maintenance charger for car and motorcycle batteries.

The MXS 3.8 microprocessor controlled 7 step battery charger and maintainer is suitable for batteries from 1.2Ah-85Ah. Features include battery diagnosis to establish whether your battery can receive and retain a charge, a patented desulphation program and a ‘Snowflake’ program for charging on cold days. It also includes selectable programs for charging smaller and normal batteries. The MXS 3.8 uses CTEK’s patented float/pulse system, which is the most efficient maintenance mode when a battery is connected for long periods. The MXS 3.8 is simple to use and you can follow the whole charging process on the clear, easy to read display.


  • Maintains batteries up to 130Ah
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • Safe spark free operation
  • Short circuit proof

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