CTEK Professional Charger MXTS 70/50 EU-K

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MXTS 70/50 EU-K

Voltage: 16/32V
Charging Current (Max.): 50A, 70A (30 sec.) for 12V, 50A 24V
Charging Type: 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle with adjustable paraGauges
Battery Type: 12V / 24V Lead-Acid
Battery Capacity: 20-1500Ah
Insulation: IP20
Features: Selectable constant voltage power supply for ECU's.
                Temperature compensation.
                Heavy duty 6 Gauge charge cables and clamps. Battery support

CTEK MXTS-70/50 is a very powerful workshop charger with state of the art technology. It is developed to serve both 12 V and 24 V batteries, offers very sophisticated technology and is extremely user friendly. The MXTS-70/50 features different displays showing the status of charging, charge voltage, current, charge time (h), and energy indication (Ah) for battery condition control.

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