CTEK Professional Charger PRO 60

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Pro 60

Voltage: 14.4/14.7/15.8V
Charging Current(Max.): 60A
Charging Type: 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle with adjustable paraGauges and adaptive charging
Battery Type: 12V Lead-Acid and Lithium LifePO4 Battery Capacity Lead-Acid: 10-1800Ah, LifePO4:15-600Ah
Insulation: IP40 (indoor use)
Features: Selectable 12.6V-14.8V constant voltage output up to 60 Amps. Adaptive charging.
                5 Gauge DC cables and high specification clamps. Fan-less cooling

The CTEK PRO60 is an innovative and highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply that’s designed to meet the demands of the modern workshop. With its cutting edge design, advanced technology and state of the art features, it’s the perfect solution for comprehensive battery charging, maintenance and support.
The CTEK PRO60 restores charge and reconditions batteries using a patented multi step charging process. It’s compatible with all types of 12V battery, including normal wet/flooded, Ca/Ca and Lithium (LiFePO4), as well as AGM and EFB Stop/Start batteries. The PRO60’s ‘adaptive charging’ mode automatically detects the appropriate settings for the battery and applies the optimum settings for the fastest charge. It’s designed to be user friendly with just four buttons and a clear, easy to read LCD display. The PRO60 is also the perfect stable power supply, with 12.6-14.8V available in selectable 0.1V increments. This ensures that no damage can occur to sensitive vehicle electronics.

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