Eikosha Air Spencer AIr Freshener

Scent: Lemon Squash
Sale price₱ 330.00



Air Conditioner Vent Attaching Type
Available for both the case of Air spencer cartridge and the Clip for AC vent.
Can be fitted to most AC vents.
Provide stronger fragrance.
Longer lasting than GIGA series products.
Refillable for extra convenience.


Lemon Squash - fresh citrus floral, spicy mossy woody
Marine Squash - sparkling cologne w/ fresh lime
Squash - sparkling cologne with fresh lime
Clear Squash - Aromatic Fougere
Sexy Boy - pleasant scent of musk
Pink Shower - fresh floral-fruity musky
Apple - fresh green apple
Sparkling Squash - sparkling cologne w/ juicy lemon-lime & orange note
Sazan Squash - Sparkling cologne with fresh citrus note
Samurai Man - Citrus fresh aromatic floral musky

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