G'Zox Injection & Carb Cleaner 300ml

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G'Zox Injection & Carb Cleaner 300ml

It removes dirt such as carbon or sludge accumulating on the inside of the injector or combustion chamber and restores the engine power.

Directions : 

  • Leave the car idling for approximately 5-6 minutes to warm the engine.
  • Stop the engine and loosen the rubber hose a bit to make enough space to insert the tube to let you spray toward the throttle chamber.
  • Turn on the engine and use a whole bottle while keeping idling at about 2000 times engine rotation.
  • Meanwhile leave it for approximately 5-6 minutes after the engine stops, and reset the rubber hose. Afterward, turn on the engine and snap until white smoke is not produced
  • Be sure not to spray over the Airflow Gauge.

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