G'ZOX Teflon Chain Lube 420ml

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G'ZOX Teflon Chain Lube 420ml

Lubricant for any kind of chain including Seal Chain. By the antifriction effect of Teflon spherical powder, reduces friction to decreases noise and keep lubricity.
Contains no solvent which gives damage to O shaped ring of the Seal Chain.

*For motorbikes and carts.

Directions :

  • When using this product, be sure to stop the engine.
  • Shake well the can before using.
  • Remove dirt on a chain with chain cleaner in advance. (Recommended to use "G'ZOX Chain Cleaner")
  • Spray by a small amount while turning around the chain by hand.
  • Rotate the chain to be penetrated the oil entirely.
  • Leave it for approx 10 min. to avoid oil scattering.

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