Hi-Q Rear Pad - Mitsubishi (Lancer, Lancer MX,GSR,GLS) - SP2105-R

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Hi-Q Rear Pad Mitsubishi SP2105-R


  • Lancer '97-'02
  • Lancer MX '99-'02
  • Lancer GLS, GSR, MX  '97-'03

Hi-Q maintains a consistent friction coefficient at any conditions, regardless of vehicle models, driving behavior, low temperature, or high temperature, ensuring a reliable and excellent braking power.

Hi-Q does not use asbestos or glass fiber, which may cause lung cancer when inhaled. Furthermore, as an environmentally friendly product, Hi-Q cares for both the environment and humans. As such, it does not contain any lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), chromium (Cr), or any other harmful substances.

Hi-Q significantly reduces the use of ferrous materials to minimize damages on the disc rotor surface.

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