JBL MS6520 Speaker M 6.0" Coaxial 2-Way 60W RMS 4Ω (Marine White)

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MS 6520

180-Watt, 6" Two-Way Marine Loudspeaker

Big sound on the water
There are times when it's amazingly quiet on a boat. If you're tied up at the marina or anchored out in a deserted cove, for example, it's actually easy to hear conversation, seagulls, and even the water lapping up against the hull. The rest of the time? Not so much. Between the wind, the water, and the sound of the engine, it can be hard to hear music or anything else, for that matter. That's why you need a nice set of marine speakers.

Great ideas make for great sound
These great-sounding MS 6520 speakers are made for use in the harsh marine environment. Designed to handle sun, spray and scrub-downs, these powerful speakers feature waterproof motor structures, a one-piece cast-polymer basket, a sealed magnet, and durable rubber surrounds.

JBL is known for great sound, so it's no surprise that they put some of their best thinking into these marine speakers. Patented Plus One™ polypropylene cones give you an impressive speaker-cone area, so you can enjoy higher sensitivity, increased low-frequency thump, and a richer overall listening experience.

The weather-resistant balanced dome tweeters are mounted on the grilles, so you'll hear all the musical details. Things that used to sound muffled through your old boat speakers, like brass, vocals, and pianos, will sound crystal-clear through these JBLs.

Built to withstand the elements
Life on the water can be hard on speakers, so the JBL team worked hard to design speakers that were tough enough to take it. The one-piece polymer basket can handle years of sun and salt, while rubber surrounds ensures a weather-resistant seal. The grille-mounted tweeter seals off the front of the woofer cone and protects the motor structure from spray.

Rigorously tested for strength and durability, these speakers have the precise, powerful sound signature you expect from JBL – all in a package that looks great in your boat. Your music will come through loud and clear, whether you're roaring across the waves or relaxing at the dock.

6" 2-way marine speakers (pair)
patented Plus One™ polypropylene cones
synthetic rubber surrounds
grille-mounted balanced-dome tweeters
UV- and corrosion-resistant polymer baskets and grilles
power handling: 20-60 watts RMS (180 watts peak power)
frequency response: 50-20,000 Hz
sensitivity: 90 dB
stainless steel hardware included
comes with speaker wire

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