JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner 250ml

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Fuel-saving effect
Restore engine power
Cleans the fuel system and injection system

Injector cleaner, cleans the entire fuel system including the intake valves and injectors, reduces soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter and improves power and fuel consumption.

Restore engine power
Clean up Injector deposits
Includes cetane and lubricity improver
Cleans the fuel system and injection system
Fuel-saving effect

Diesel technology is developing ever more quickly as a result of the constant tightening of emission regulations and the requirements relating to fuel consumption. This is why fuel additives are becoming increasingly important. The additives allow the engine to perform well and avoid problems and expensive repairs.

JLm Injector cleaner cleans all components in the fuel system. As a result of this the engine performs better, it delivers more power and there is a reduction in fuel consumption.

Is your car's performance poor, are there injector problems, have you noticed black smoke or your engine running irregularly? Then add 250 millilitres of JLM injector cleaner every 3000 miles to a full tank of diesel via the filling opening. Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Pro prevents the growth of algae in the fuel tank and displaces water.

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