KYB Bump Cushion Montero Sport 2.5/3.2 ,4x2 ,4x4, KH4W KH8W 4D56 4M41(05-15)

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KYB Bump Cushion Montero Sport 2.5/3.2,4x2,4x4, KH4W KH8W 4D56 4M41(05-15)

Introducing KYB's superior quality Bump Stop Kits for today's consumer.
The KYB Bump Stop Kit provides the most effective protection program
to ensure the longevity of your struts.

  • Made from premium quality cellular polyurethane.
  • The KYB Bellows / Dust Boot protects the piston rod from damage caused by debris
  • (i.e. rocks, dust, dirt, and stones), thus preventing premature strut failure.
  • The KYB Bump Stop Kit prevents the bottoming out of struts; ensuring a high level of protection and a longer strut life.
  • KYB Bump Stop Kits suit a variety of vehicle applications.
  • KYB Bump Stop Kits perfectly compliment KYB Struts.
  • Designed for Australian conditions.

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