KYB Bump Stop Kit RAV-4 ACA30,2000 ACA 20/2 ( 06-12)

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KYB Bump Stop Kit RAV-4 ACA30,2000 ACA 20/2 (06-12)Bump Cushion (Front)


Introducing KYB's superior quality Bump Stop Kits for today's consumer.
The KYB Bump Stop Kit provides the most effective protection program
to ensure the longevity of your struts.

  • Made from premium quality cellular polyurethane.
  • The KYB Bellows / Dust Boot protects the piston rod from damage caused by debris
  • (i.e. rocks, dust, dirt, and stones), thus preventing premature strut failure.
  • The KYB Bump Stop Kit prevents the bottoming out of struts; ensuring a high level of protection and a longer strut life.
  • KYB Bump Stop Kits suit a variety of vehicle applications.
  • KYB Bump Stop Kits perfectly compliment KYB Struts.
  • Designed for Australian conditions.

For Excel-G 339031/2,334331

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